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Crusher Plant

Crushing and screening plants are specialized equipment used for the crushing, grinding, and classification of materials such as stones, rocks, and gravel. These facilities crush large pieces into smaller ones and/or classify materials to obtain the desired quality of materials.
Main Function : Crushing and screening plants play a critical role in material processing processes in the construction and mining industries. These facilities are of great importance in the production of construction materials and materials used in infrastructure projects by transforming raw materials into more usable and suitable sizes.
Areas of Usage : Crushing and screening plants are used in many sectors such as construction projects, road construction, quarries, mining sites. These plants are widely used in the production and processing of materials such as concrete, asphalt, sand and gravel.


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» Minimum 10 Years Warehouse Availability Guarantee for Each Part
» 48-Hour Response Time To Domestic Facilities In Case Of Service Required Malfunctions Maximum 72 To 120-Hour Response Time To Facilities Abroad

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Designed for crushing hard and abrasive materials such as Basalt, Gabbro, Granite and Creek Materials, it has an important role in reducing operating costs, especially thanks to its low abrasion rates.

They are the latest crushers capable of crushing all kinds of stones. Since their feed sizes are not very large, they cannot be used as secondary crushers. The products obtained from Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers are cubic in shape, and they have high fineness ratios. Therefore, they are extremely advantageous crushers, especially in the production of ready-mix concrete and asphalt materials

Hammer crushers operate on the principle of crushing materials through high-speed rotating hammers or rotors. These crushers are used especially for breaking down hard and durable materials.

Vibrating Screens can be produced horizontally and inclined. While Horizontal Screens Work Linearly, Inclined Screens Move Circularly with an Angle of Approximately 20 Degrees. Thanks to their vibration systems, vibrating screens have the ability to operate at high speeds. Vibration Capacities are Designed to be Adjustable. Screens with Steel Main Body are Produced Suitable for Long Years of Usage.

Jaw Crushers perform the crushing process by compressing materials between movable and fixed jaw plates. These crushers are effective in breaking hard and medium-hard materials.

Tertiary crushers are used for the crushing of soft and medium-hard materials. Tertiary crushers perform much finer crushing compared to secondary impact crushers. Therefore, they can be used as the third and final crusher.

Screeners are important equipment that must be present in Crushing, Screening, and Washing Plants. After the crushing process, they enable the separation of particles based on their sizes. They consist of spiral springs. The smallest particles pass through quickly, while larger particles are moved more slowly to carry out the screening process.

* The Crusher Plant With A Diameter Of 90 Cm Has A Production Capacity Ranging From 125 Tons Per Hour To 180 Tons Per Hour
* The Crusher Plant With A Diameter Of 110 Cm Has A Production Capacity Ranging From 250 Tons Per Hour To 350 Tons Per Hour
* The Crusher Plant With A Diameter Of 125 Cm Has A Production Capacity Ranging From 350 Tons Per Hour To 450 Tons Per Hour
* The Crusher Plant With A Diameter Of 140 Cm Has A Production Capacity Ranging From 450 Tons Per Hour To 600 Tons Per Hour

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