Many manufacturing companies offer quotation services for crushing and screening plant projects. However, please do not make your decision without reading the main features that distinguish our company from other companies, which we have stated below, and without examining our special warranty terms!


» Seamless Communication in Your Preferred Language
» Punctual Manufacturing – Shipping and Installation
» Safe Trading with Fixed Price Guarantee
» 24/7 Online Support with Experienced Export Team
» Opportunity to Observe and Monitor the Production Process Online
» Opportunity to Observe and Monitor the Shipping Process Online
» Free Substructure Planning Project and Trial Production
» Easier Trading Opportunity with Leasing and Letter of Credit

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» High Quality Product – Affordable Price
» Reduced Energy Consumption – Minimum Cost
» Low Costs For Infrastructure and Installation
» Easy Using Automation Program In Every Language
» Electrical Panels Operable at Different Energy Levels
» Affordable Shipment with Demountable Design
» Low Maintenance Cost and Easily Available Spare Parts in Every Country
» The Feature of Easy Disassembly from Current Location and Transportability to Another Area

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» 2 Year Mechanical Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects
» Sale of Affordable Spare Parts after the Warranty Period
» Option to Extend Warranty Period to 5 Years with Price Difference
» International Validity in Warranty Commitments
» Real-time Fault Detection with Remote Video Connectivity to the Plant
» Minimum 10 Years Warehouse Availability Guarantee for Each Part
» 48-Hour Response Time To Domestic Facilities In Case Of Service Required Malfunctions Maximum 72 To 120-Hour Response Time To Facilities Abroad

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To determine your specific needs according to your crushing-screening plant projects, you can contact any sales representative in your preferred language. We understand the importance of reliable and accessible customer service, which is why our sales team is available 24/7 to assist you.
Mustafa Çakır
Luis Gonzalez
Kadir Mersinli
Wanilla Karimi
Nadine Farida
Ahmet Saadoon
Hüseyin Katrib
Avtandil Tevzadze


Buying a crushing-screening plant is as easy as purchasing a product from your neighboring city. We have established the entire export and commercial infrastructure to ensure this convenience. You can read the following steps for detailed information or contact our sales representatives.
» All of our contracts have international validity and are approved by the Chamber of Commerce and the Exporters’ Association.
» All our prices are quoted as Ex Works (factory delivery). All costs related to the lading of the crushing-screening plant to the transportation vehicles belong to our company.
» To ensure that our customers’ transportation costs are minimized, our company provides all the necessary logistics support.
» No tax is charged for sales outside Turkey.
» Payments are collected through the bank based on the official contract. It is determined as 30% at the beginning of the order – 40% halfway through the production process – 30% on delivery.
» The infrastructure project to be prepared for the area where the facility will be established will be provided free of charge by our company.
» Production readiness and test production will be done free of charge by our company. Solely, the visa, transportation, transfer and accommodation costs of the assembly team belong to the buyer.
» Assistance from our sales assistant, who provides service in the preferred language, will help in determining your products.
» Preparation of the most appropriate price offer for the specified products by us and submission for your approval.
» Preparation of the technical specifications for the specified products by us and submission for your approval.
» %30 Payment of the first order advance payment and starting the necessary preparations for production.
» The creation of the manufacturing project for the products determined by our engineers.
» The determination of the correct layout plan for the area where the crusher plant will be installed by our engineers.
» The creation of the infrastructure project for the area where the batching plant will be installed by our engineers.
» Submitting the prepared manufacturing and infrastructure project for your approval and starting the manufacturing
» Producing the parts in a disassembled state for assembly according to the manufacturing project
» Thorough painting of the individually manufactured equipment with great attention to detail
» Combining the equipment, which has completed the painting stage, in a way that minimizes the space occupied during the transportation process.
» Careful individual numbering and packaging of equipment that will occupy space during the transportation process – (During transportation, large-volume equipment that does not fit into containers will be assembled by our installation team at the site where the facility will be established).”
» After the interim payment of 40% is made, the products will be prepared for shipment. (After the contract is signed, you will be provided with an IP camera password, allowing you to monitor the production stages of your own crushing-screening plant live through our website.)
» Providing you with delivery date information at least 10 days before the production is completed – (To enable cost-effective transportation, you can obtain price quotes from local shipping companies in your own country or you can seek assistance from our experienced logistics team in this matter).
» Preparation of all documents valid at the customs of your country by our export team – (Our company has international certificates that are valid in every country’s customs, especially the production qualification certificate. In this way you can easily carry out your customs clearance procedures, you can handle your purchases not as if you were buying products from another country, but as if you were buying them from any city in your own country).
» Making the final payment of 30% and lading the products onto the delivery vehicles – (You can follow the route of your shipped stone crushing-screening plant live on our website with the container numbers that will be given to you).
» Receiving confirmation from your company that the infrastructure project given to you by our engineer team after the contract is signed.
» Obtaining confirmation from your company that the necessary equipment for assembly has been prepared by you.
» Determining the date of assembly and obtaining the necessary visas for the assembly team to enter your country.
» Transportation of our installation team on the specified date and installation of your crushing-screening plant.
» Providing operator training to authorized personnel to be determined by you by making trial productions of the established crushing-screening plant.


Every year, we strive to improve our brand and provide our customers with the best products and services. We continue to win and contribute with our quality productions suitable for all types of crushing-screening plant projects. To be a part of this story, you can contact us.


You can track the production stage of the stone crushing-screening plant that you have ordered by using the special IP address we provide. Additionally, once the production is completed, you can track the shipment process of the stone crushing-screening plant using the live tracking number we provide.

Track the Production of Your Order Online

The viewing can be facilitated using the IP address provided to our customers after the agreement has been concluded.

Track the Shipment of Your Orders Online

Track your shipment with the container number provided after the agreement Monitor the progress of your shipment using the container number provided upon agreement

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